Property Keeper is pleased to announce the completion of the Laundry Keeper processing centre, our state of the art laundry facility in Wymbush – Milton Keynes.

Our finishing process ensures that all laundry will now be pressed and roller ironed to a premium crisp hotel grade finish. In addition, we can now vet all outgoing laundry for stains and finishing quality.

Laundry Keeper uses Artificial Intelligence to predict incoming laundry for the day. This significantly reduces energy consumption and allows us to only operate our machines with full loads, reducing our carbon footprint.

Laundry Keeper has capacity to serve an average of 100 change overs per day. (estimated from an even mixture of houses and apartments). Hotel capacity is rated at 450 room change overs per day. We are able to scale up our operation for larger clients with a lead time of just 2 weeks to bring additional machines online. Laundry Keeper does not enforce a minimum change over policy.

Benefits to our clients:

  • Crisp hotel grade finishing
  • Gas dried linen and towels
  • Ozone treated process ensures all washed linen is free from bacteria and COVID-19
  • Intelligent auto dosing technology programmed for extra softness
  • Linen quality assurance and vetting at all our properties

Please note, Property Keeper holds a large 5 par stock for all our managed properties. Therefore, it will take up to 5 change overs for existing clients to start receiving Laundry Keeper linen.

Laundry Keeper provides laundry and linen hire services for other serviced accommodation operators in the area. We surveyed other operators and have matched our prices to reflect what you would normally pay your cleaners to process your linen. We offer significant cost savings compared to using a launderette or traditional linen hire company.

Our system connects directly to all well known PMS’s (channel managers).

To find out more, please call 01604 589 939.