Some people just don’t care about Instagram and definitely don’t want to be sending guests happy emails. However, stick out this short guide because the good news is Property Keeper does all of this for you!


Being flexible with guest check-in times will increase bookings. Nobody wants to check out at 9am. In addition, if someone wants to drop their bags of an hour early then you should honour that.

Feedback is everything

Getting good feedback is paramount and listing position on booking sites is directly effected by your score. Keep reading this guide as most of the tips here will definitely help to minimise negative feedback!

Avoid unverified guests

Never accept bookings from guests with new accounts or no feedback, this is definitely how not to airbnb. We could write an entire article just on this alone. Just to make it clear, never accept bookings from new accounts, ever!

Always go the extra mile

Offer something extra that’s not listing on your page, this will encourage people to leave good feedback. For example, one of the many perks we setup on our clients behalf is Netflix on their smart TV’s. It’s less than £10 a month and your guests will love it.

Embrace technology

We’ve already mentioned netflix, and having Wifi is essential. But what else? Having an Amazon echo dot with Deezer hooked up is another nicety. (Don’t forget to limit the volume settings).

How about some smart lighting. On top of this some LED mood strip lights done discretely are always a nice touch.

Keep up with trends

Don’t forget to research the latest design trends on Google, your apartment will need to be furnished to a high standard. In addition, you need to emulate a high standard but with the absolute minimum cost spend.

Look at famous social media influencers and see some of the apartments they’ve stayed in.

Look at famous social media influencers and see some of the apartments they've stayed in. Click To Tweet
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Make your space Instagrammable

Novelty spaces in the apartment are just as important as pristine and on trend decor. Have some unique feature that would look good in a photo. Extra points if your space incorporates a chair for selfies.


Make your communication fast and regular

Communication with guests is very important. A guest should be messaged directly after making a booking. In addition, an email a week before and 1 night before works best.

Always include relevant information about the local area. For example: nearest bus and train stations, pubs and restaurants.

Sparkle clean after every booking

Your space should be professionally cleaned after every booking. This means all surfaces shining without finger prints or dust. In addition chrome or metallic surfaces should pop out.

If you thought four in a bed was over the top, wait until you start getting genius bookings.

Bed linen should be double checked for hairs. Watch out as they don’t always come out in the wash!

Don’t skimp on bed linen

Bed linen should be high thread count cotton. There should never be any stains on your linen, if it can’t be removed then it has to go.

Don’t overspend

An on trend sofa bed for the front room could be had for £300. Most accessories can be brought on Ebay.

Understand your local market

Airbnb is a fun and rewarding way of making some extra cash. However, if you are looking at establishing a profitable business then you’ll need a property management company.

The above examples are just a few of the ways Property Keeper can manage your apartment. In addition, we offer the technology and local knowledge to ensure that your listing gets more bookings than your competitors.

We use a number of tactics from machine learning dynamic pricing to advanced listing optimisation techniques.

*Property Keeper Management LTD is an independent management service and is not affiliated with Airbnb.