We are working hard to process new property applications in the order that they were received.

To ease the number of phone calls and emails we are currently receiving, we have prepared the following Q & A for new clients.

Q) Iā€™m a new client. How long will it take to add my properties to your system?

A) [updated 20/02/2021]. The current wait time has been reduced to 1 week.

Q) I work for a booking agent / relocations company. Can I join as a sales rep and receive commission for bookings I place with Property Keeper.

A) Yes, please use the contact us form and we will setup an account.

Q) Is Property Keeper still offering white label / bespoke services?

A) Yes, Property Keeper offers a whole host of services to other serviced accommodation operators and hotels in the area. The current delays only effect new landlords seeking full management services.

Property Keeper can provide concierge, cleaning, hotel linen hire, night security services, house party detection / response plus guest and property management. Please contact us to find out how we can assist your company.

The current high demand for our service does not effect our existing operations, nor our clients or guests.

Thanks for your patience.