Property Keeper offers a unique opportunity for estate agents. Get a guaranteed rent that’s higher than the market rate on your properties!

We can manage your properties on airbnb and other short-letting sites.


Earnings from serviced apartments are more than rental income.

Landlords get a well kept property that’s professionally cleaned.

Our solution is fully managed. We handle all guest inquiries and cleaning.

Property Keeper also provides short term insurance to protect landlords against guest damages.

How it works

We visit your units and approve those that would be profitable on shortletting sites such as, expedia and Airbnb.

We run a revenue assessment on each property. This tells you how much each unit will produce after all expenses.

Our photographers and designers will visit your properties and furnish them to a high standard.

A professional listing is created on all the major booking sites including and Airbnb.

Cleaning and guest management is handled by us.

Properties owned outright are suitable for short term letting of this nature. Mortgaged properties are dependent on the individual lender.

Dealing with landlords?

We can help you to get your landlords on board. Some landlords may be reluctant to give permission for this kind of letting. In addition, you may not know how to approach them.

We can walk you through the process. Property Keeper can provide you with marketing material to send to your landlords outlining the benefits of short-letting.

Each estate agent is unique and we aim to fit in with how you work. We offer a number of packages ranging from guaranteed higher rent to market rent + commissions. In addition, we offer investment based packages that work on a revenue sharing model.

Some of our agents offer our service as a bolt on product. We are even happy to re-brand our marketing material with their logos!

There’s so much flexibility on our part, why not get in touch today to discuss the possibilities for your business.

Call us today on 01604 589 939

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*Property Keeper Management LTD is an independent management service and is not affiliated with Airbnb.